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Online Booking

When booking yourself in with one of our sensational models, there are a few important rules to remember

  • when booking any model, always treat her with care, respect, and courtesy at all times. Models spend a great deal of time and effort getting ready and ensuring your booking requirements are met to the smallest detail, make it worthwhile for her.
  • When you or your model arrives, please allow your companion a few minutes to contact us, to let us know her environment is safe, and the booking is going ahead as planned. This is to always ensure the safety of our models
  • If you are booking a date to your address or to a venue, you are obligated to provide a safe and hospitable location or the models will reserve the right to decline, or cancel the appointment on arrival
  • We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise, which may leave you with no option but to rearrange. If you need to cancel a date you've arranged, please give us, or your model plenty of notice. Provided you are not repeatedly booking and cancelling, your date can be rescheduled for a date that best suits